Monday, August 3, 2015

Give your customers what they want

3.0 website designs gives customers what they want
How do you know what a customer wants from your business?  At 3.0 Website Designs we believe that is the most important question to ask yourself and your team.  Should you just offer what you think the customer should have, desire, or need?  Well, of course that might work in certain circumstances, but we all know that market research is high on the priority list.  We need to touch base with the customers so we can adapt our products and services to meet their unique needs and desires.  If you find that your customers are looking for a similar service to what you offer but are not looking at your offering you need to find out why.  If you can bridge the gap between what you are giving and what your customers want you will certainly have happy customers who know you are willing to make their dreams a reality.

How do you bridge the gap between your offerings and the customers needs?  The first step is to open a line of communication with potential customers.  Marketing is a great way to get your products visible to customers, but you can also market your company and concepts.  You can let the customers know that you are the resources to speak to about certain types of products and services.  This can open a dialog that helps you better understand what they are looking for.

What if you can't supply what the customer tells you he is looking for.  There are instances where your customer is looking for something that you are not able to give them.  We at 3.0 Website Designs find that a great time to partner with others that can do the specific tasks!  Partnering with others in similar but slightly different industries is very empowering to your company.  Once you make the connection you will always be able to offer that service or product through your new partner, and they can send business back your way for the products and services you offer.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A fun Christmas app for the kids!

3.0 Website Designs Christmas
3.0 Website Designs has created a fun Christmas app for the kids!  This is an interactive story featuring Santa's brother.  What?  That's right, a story designed for success, just like your website should be!  Download the app from the play store and enjoy!
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

ISERV Viewer - ArcGIS 100 Lines or Less contest

Billy AshmallCongratulations to Billy Ashmall of 3.0 Website Designs for winning second place in the ArcGIS 100 Lines or Less contest.  He created an internet application that lets you see images taken from the International Space Station with the ISERV instrument automatically takes images of Earth through a small telescope with an off-the-shelf digital camera mounted in the International Space Station’s Destiny module. When ISERV is running, it captures 3 images per second that cover approximately a 19 km x 11 km area each. The goal is to improve automatic image capturing and data transfer, but the images taken in the experiment could also help environmental scientists, disaster responders and other Earth-based users.  The ISERV instrument  You can view his winning application at ISERV Viewer
ISERV Viewer

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Professional Web Design = Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility
3.0 Website Designs knows that browser compatibility is very important for your professional web design because not everyone uses the same browser to view your website.  There are many different browsers as well as different versions of each that all act a little different when opening website designs.  It is important that all viewers see your website with the intended look and feel which is why here at 3.0 website designs, we do compatibility testing in all of the current browser technologies.  The professional design gives you peace of mind that you will always be seen at your best!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Professional Website Designs save time and money

3.0 Website Designs knows that in today's busy world time is money.  Your time should be focused on your business and your products not on the maintenance of your website.  When you have a professionally designed website you can run your business worry free, not concerning yourself if the website is up to date.  You can rest assured that your hands are free to develop your business and products for years to come.  Then, when you are ready to refresh your website design again 3.0 Website Designs can take on the update still leaving you to make more sales and run your business.  We create easy to use modules for websites that need frequent updates and provide secure administration procedures.  We like to take the work out of the website for you and keep it simple and effective.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dress up your website for the holidays

3.0 Website Designs has put on it's Halloween costume!  Your website could also change it's themes based on season or holiday.  You could also have special events that you might want to change up the look and feel.  3.0 Website Designs makes that possible for every business.  We love to make your website shine and when your site shines we smile!  Stop by the website and give us a call to get a quote on a new professional design.  We will have your website delivering like never before.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is your website clean, fresh, and current?

An awesome website is not only a website with a design that looks great, but also one that delivers accurate content.  One thing that every business must be diligent about is keeping their website content and details completely up to date.  Customers rely on the information that you display on your website, and Google’s algorithm considers how frequently a site is updated in determining search rankings.  This means not only updating company information when it changes but also adding new relevant content regularly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with fresh content.  3.0 Website Designs will give you more than a great Huntsville website design, we will also teach you how to seamlessly integrate your content to keep it fresh and current.  In many cases we will help manage updates to reduce your work load.