Monday, August 3, 2015

Give your customers what they want

3.0 website designs gives customers what they want
How do you know what a customer wants from your business?  At 3.0 Website Designs we believe that is the most important question to ask yourself and your team.  Should you just offer what you think the customer should have, desire, or need?  Well, of course that might work in certain circumstances, but we all know that market research is high on the priority list.  We need to touch base with the customers so we can adapt our products and services to meet their unique needs and desires.  If you find that your customers are looking for a similar service to what you offer but are not looking at your offering you need to find out why.  If you can bridge the gap between what you are giving and what your customers want you will certainly have happy customers who know you are willing to make their dreams a reality.

How do you bridge the gap between your offerings and the customers needs?  The first step is to open a line of communication with potential customers.  Marketing is a great way to get your products visible to customers, but you can also market your company and concepts.  You can let the customers know that you are the resources to speak to about certain types of products and services.  This can open a dialog that helps you better understand what they are looking for.

What if you can't supply what the customer tells you he is looking for.  There are instances where your customer is looking for something that you are not able to give them.  We at 3.0 Website Designs find that a great time to partner with others that can do the specific tasks!  Partnering with others in similar but slightly different industries is very empowering to your company.  Once you make the connection you will always be able to offer that service or product through your new partner, and they can send business back your way for the products and services you offer.