Thursday, September 26, 2013

3.0 Website Designs makes your design a user friendly website

3.0 Website Designs is committed to making your website not only beautiful but also user friendly so that your customers are not frustrated or lost when they arrive at your website.  Our designs are planned and implemented so that the site clearly tells each user where to go to and how to find what they are looking for.  Clear concise navigation combined with a site search is just one of the methods we employ to accomplish this.  Conversational design is yet another cutting edge way to help guide the users and ensure the best website experience possible.
Another benefit of 3.0 Website Designs creativity and design process is well organized structures and pages.  For the best search engine optimization (SEO) well organized pages tend to rank higher in the search engines such as Google and Bing. Also these well designed web pages tend to become more popular, which means the search engines will rank them even higher. Since we keep organized structuring in mind as we step through your design process, much of the SEO falls right into place keeping your costs down.

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